Where in the USA is Ty?

Hello everyone! As promised, I will soon begin writing about some of the places I’ve traveled to this summer. However, that will not be taking place for another week or two because I will be gone from today all the way to August 5!

Crazy, right? In the meantime, I thought I may share some of the areas I’ve been to or heading to in the near future so that everyone has some ideas of what to look forward to!

Again, these posts are going to kind of be a mix of reviews and maybe non-fiction. I feel there was a lot of fun things that I did on my adventures that I want to share but I also want to be able to provide any reader with a fair assessment of the area and places to see and hang out.

Also, just for this post, I will be borrowing images from pixabay.com. There is a bunch of beautiful photography on there and I highly recommend using it to support photographers. Anyway, lets get to it!

Gulf Shores, Alabama – one of the first places I went off to this year. My wife and I have some wonderful friends that live in the area and it was already our second time visiting there. Fun place to be and it never hurts to be near the beach.

New Orleans – Absolutely one of my favorite places I’ve been to so far, and not just because it’s the city I got married in. Great night life, incredible food, and a laid back atmosphere that makes it hard not to enjoy.

Chicago – Now I know what you may be thinking: Ty, you’re from Illinois, aren’t you FROM Chicago? Well that answer is no and although I’ve been there many times, each experience is different. I’ll be writing specifically about the Uptown area and Wrigleyville, where I spent most of my time that weekend.

Woodstock, IL – Known for having the movie Groundhog’s Day filmed here, this town is home to an awesome charity event called Barndance. Between the live auction, free flowing beer, and music, it made for a great weekend.

Wisconsin – While it doesn’t seem fair to just claim the whole state of Wisconsin as one place to visit, that’s how this is going to have to be for a moment. Spending a night up in Madison (which is a great place itself) before heading to Chippewa Falls for a bachelor party weekend at a lake house!

Southwest United States – that’s right! Next week some friends and I will be taking on a camping road trip. A week of driving and hanging out under the stars in the desert. If there’s time, maybe exploring the Rockies and finding them aliens.

So that’s it for now! Make sure to follow my social media pages if you want live updates of how my trips are going this week and thanks for reading!