How the Road Trip Began

So recently I had the pleasure of taking a road trip around the southwestern part of the United States. It was a great week of exploration and boondocking (a new term I learned for what we were doing) and I had a blast doing all of it.

However, for a lot of people that have been following me on social media, I never did share why I went on this trip or how it even came together. This post will clear all of that up.

Originally, this trip was a plan to help move a friend from Chicago to Las Vegas. We were going to make it a week long adventure in his car that would conclude with leaving him in Vegas while I flew back to Illinois and returned to everyday life.

Well as things moved forward, my buddy had his boss become sketchy with the contracting job in Vegas and so he decided to pull out of the move before it became too late. However, at this point, it was already too late for myself and another friend that took a week off work to help him move.

For the sake of this story, and possibly ones published after, I’m going to give both of these friends nicknames. This isn’t because we necessarily did anything wrong, I just don’t know if they want to appear by name in multiple posts. So the one moving to Vegas we’ll call The Rival and the buddy that took off a week we’ll call Camp Daddy (he was the only one prepared for camping on this trip).

Back to the story. So Camp Daddy and I were prepared for a big adventure and decided with the time off we still needed to do something. Que the road trip. We had already mapped out a route we wanted to originally take to Vegas so we could explore the southwest before leaving The Rival in Vegas forever.

We decided to follow that path and instead of hitting Vegas we would just loop back around to Illinois. It was a simple plan that mostly worked out well. We rented a vehicle, gathered supplies, and set the date to leave for July 30.

I should note that the weekend before we were going to leave, we did get cold feet about the trip. Looking back at it now, I feel we would have fully regretted skipping out on this trip if that would have happened. Thankfully, I was on a bachelor party that weekend and the contract we signed with Hertz said we couldn’t cancel the vehicle rental, which kept us locked in.

Oh! Also, don’t trust Hertz. When I booked our vehicle, I requested a mid-size SUV with a ski rack and built in navigation system. Now I may be wrong and/or crazy, but I don’t think a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport with no ski rack and built in GPS is the same. That car also sucked and I don’t care that it was a 2019. Seriously, gas pedal on the ground and still can’t accelerate kind of sucked.

But anyway, that’s how this trip began. What started as a nice gesture to move The Rival out to Vegas ended in the three of us going out road tripping for a week, camping in random locations, and repeatedly deciding that water is best used for drinking and not showers. Yeah that’s right, we didn’t shower for a week.

That’s it for now, make sure to follow the blog or any of my social media to keep an eye out on the road trip adventure of 2019.