The Curious Case of Helen Smith: Synopsis and Influences


Helen Smith is an average professor at a mundane university in the town of Despain, Illinois. She teaches theology and has a love with comparing the various religions in the world. Her story begins in this series with her lover, Reggie, heading over seas to work for a year as a guest lecturer at Cambridge. It is with this in mind that Helen decides to take a year sabbatical as well, working towards writing a new book that extensively covers all the world’s religions and how they are nearly all the same in their teachings.

While embarking on this journey, Helen discovers a new and looming entity. A reference to a God that she has never heard of before. As she begins to study this new God in fervor, a dark and mysterious entity begins to reach out to her. As she continues to study, she not only begins to lose herself in her work, but also her grip on reality. The question will quickly be asked “what is real?” and “what can be trusted?”


With this series being one of the first on the docket to write and produce, I thought that I may share just a few little things that I’m using for inspiration. My hope is that while the series is being made, there will be a small collection of authors or series to check out to get you excited.

So from the writing side of things, one of the biggest influences for this series comes from H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft’s works have always been a favorite of mine, specifically the idea of Elder Gods and monsters from other planes. He always worked well with bending the distinctions between dreams and reality and that is something that I hope this series will do as well. A lot of Lovecraftian elements will be at play, so if you’re not familiar with the work, I would recommend checking out a couple of his shorter pieces like The Case of Charles Dexter Wardwhich coincidentally is where I got the inspiration for the title of this series.

The next author I would also recommend and is another personal favorite of mine is Edgar Allan Poe. His short stories use sound and broken up writing to build suspense and anxiety, and the dialogue and sound in this series will be done in a similar fashion. To get an idea of how sound would be used, I’d recommend  A Quiet Place, since the sound in that movie did a lot of the same things that I will be striving for, which is having sound with a purpose. Out of Poe’s work, I’d recommend The Pit and the Pendulumwhich does an excellent job at quickly building suspense.

Finally, overall I would recommend any kind of horror movie that relies more on a creeping unknown entity over your casual jump scare. In a way, this series will be paying homage to some of my favorite writers. Reading their work will help you see their influence in modern horror shows and movies like the ones I described. In the end, this is simply a guide for those that are impatient and want something to continue to wet their beaks until the official release of The Curious Case of Helen Smith.