Post Fantasy Football Draft Hype…or Lack There Of

So I’m a day late on this follow up post, but I doubt anyone minds too much. I had planned on writing a quick hype post about how awesome my team is, but if you read my last football post, you’d know that my team probably isn’t that great. Take a look below:

That bad Ty? Really? I know that’s what you have to be asking yourself, following that up with: why do you do this each year if you’re really that bad?

Well truth be told, I don’t think my team is THAT bad. Do I trust it? Not at all. However, I’m cautiously optimistic that I can at lease get myself out of the bottom of the barrel this year with the lineup I have. So without further ado, here is what my projected starting roster looks like for week 1:

First off, I really hope you all love that my team is literally called Dumpster Fire 2019 with a picture of a fire on it. But second, if you’ve ever wanted to see a mix bag of starters on one team this is it.

I mean, I really don’t know what I was thinking with some of these. Antonio Brown just now said he was going to return to his team after throwing a tantrum about wearing a new helmet AND having frostbite in his feet. Like what?

Then I decided to keep Le’Veon despite his not playing this year. I waited on a TE until late and ended up with a mid-tier guy, and the rest of my starters are no means proven studs. It really is quite worrisome. So how does the rest of my team look? Well let’s take a look:

Now all and all, that is a decent bench and I think any of them can sub in well if I need them. In fact, I really don’t have much of a qualm with my bench and I’m kind of excited I was able to snag Anthony Miller.

Overall, I wish I could say I believe that this team is something special. A team everyone in my league should watch out for. But that just isn’t the case. I think it’s going to be a perfectly mediocre team that will at least dig me out of my consistent last place efforts and finally push me to the middle of the pack.

So what are your thoughts? Think I’ve made an accurate assessment or was I too harsh. Did you draft a better team. Comment and follow my pages to let me know what you think!

Oh, and if you’re in this league with me, just know I don’t think any of your drafts were much better. I think we’re all going to have a collectively mediocre year and I can’t wait to embarrass some of you when you lose to my team. Enjoy!

Fantasy Football Time

Well that time of the year has come upon me once again. That special time where I get excited for a few weeks, only to have everything come crashing down in shambles. That’s right: it’s fantasy football season.

If you’re just getting to know me on social media, well let me say that I absolutely love fantasy football and just watching the sport in general. Don’t ask me why, since I really don’t have a great answer, it’s just something I’ve always enjoyed sitting down and watching on Sundays. With that said…Bear Down!

But that’s not why I’m writing this today. I could probably go on for hours about why I love football and how the Bears are going to the Super Bowl this year, but this post is about fantasy football. It’s a very special hobby that I have that inflicts a wide range of emotions: from happiness to anger to straight up wishing I never got invested in it.

Tomorrow marks I believe the 7th year that a core group of college friends and myself have done a fantasy football league together and let me just say that it’s great. The day of the draft, most of us do our best to try and meet up and have a few drinks, some good food, and a lot of trash talk before it starts.

I always look forward to this part of the season because it’s when hope and optimism is still alive. It takes place in that magical time before you find out that Le’Veon Bell is going to sit out a full season when you draft him with the first overall pick.

It lets you forget about the year before when you make a big trade for David Johnson in the offseason, only for him to break his wrist in the first game or two and miss the rest of the season.

This time of year lets you also have hope that your luck will be better than THREE YEARS AGO when Adrian Peterson got hurt and I took him off the promise of a great season.

But anyway, I digress. I’m hopeful that this year will be the year with these guys. I’m already second guessing my keepers with Le’Veon in the first and Lamar Jackson in the 18th round which is always a good sign.

All that’s left to do is draft. I’ll more than likely give a full analysis tomorrow night coming off the high that my team can go “all the way” this year.

Side note: my team has been bottom 3 the last four years so I’ve got some high standards.