Weekly Writing Exercise: Social Media

It’s finally back! That’s right, the weekly writing prompt. Sorry for the delay this week, I had planned on putting it out Wednesday but life happened and so the writing got pushed to today.

So if you couldn’t guess, this week’s writing prompt is centered around social media. Lately I’ve been thinking about getting into the market to find an agent for my book and eventually the full length novel I’m working on.

While doing this, I began doing research into what agent’s tend to look for, specifically with writer’s that have already self-published a book but are thinking about switching to a traditional route. One of the things that I found in my research is that some agents like seeing a good social media presence and a strong following before signing authors.

Now this isn’t something ALL of them look for, but nevertheless, it was something that I felt I should try and do. As I assume many of us do in this modern time, we like to fill those small moments of nothingness with something to do, and that something is usually social media.

So this writing prompt isn’t so much any one thing in particular like my past ones, but generally a much larger call to arms to practice your writing on your social media pages. If you don’t have any or are missing some majors one, now is a great time to sign up and practice. Here are a few things you can do to start:

First, make sure you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and I’d even suggest Reddit. With Facebook, an official author page can go a long way to distance yourself from your personal page. Twitter is a great place to meet a writing community and discuss ongoing work, as is Reddit. In addition, Reddit has some great threads to post short stories for people to read and interact with. Finally, posting Instagram photos can help build an audience.

So for this week, the writing exercise is to practice using your social media. Whether it’s crafting something fun to read for followers on Facebook, a #vss365 on Twitter, a photo on Instagram with an amazing caption, or posting a story or giving feedback on Reddit, do something to start broadening your social media scope.

A little bit of house keeping as well: With these weekly writing exercises, I generally won’t be writing my own response and posting them anymore. As much as I enjoyed doing this, I have several other projects that I will be working on instead. However, this week is an exception. Earlier today I posted on Instagram (which is surprisingly where I struggle to post the most) and had a lot of fun writing a short story going along with my photo. You can find it here. I had a blast doing it and may continue that trend.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Have a great weekend and happy writing!

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