Website Update

Hello everyone! If you don’t follow me on social media, then there is a good chance that you’ve missed some updates that I’ve posted. Fear not! For I have decided to post them on my website as well so anyone that follows my page here on WordPress has an idea of what my plans are for my website.

So on my Facebook Page, which you can find here, I recently announced that I’ve decided to make some changes to to how I handle my writing and this web page. I found that trying to post everyday was burning me out a bit and so I decided some changes needed to be made.

First, I plan to take down the fiction section of this website. When evaluating what I wanted to do with the fiction work that I do, I decided that I would prefer to go a more traditional route with my publishing. Most of the stories that I have posted on here will slowly be pulled over the next few days and either revised or rewritten for writing competitions and open calls for literary magazines.

As for the blog itself, my plan is to scale back to trying to post at least two new pieces a week. I plan to try and stick with the writing prompts since there has been a steady audience for them. The other will be the blog tab, although that will now be split into a few different categories. One will highlight things I’m passionate about such as sports, nerd culture, and anything specific to writing.

Finally, if you haven’t gotten yourself a copy of collection of short stories, A Monstrous Tomorrow, now is the time! I’m currently running this edition of the book at $6.75 for a paperback or $0.99 as an e-book. My plan is to pull it off the market in a few months and edit the edition again, adding new stories that haven’t fit the follow up full length novel, and sending out queries to try and find an agent.

That’s all for now! The current schedule once the website gets updated is to have two posts a week, one on Wednesdays and one on Sundays, although this may change based on scheduling conflicts.

I look forward to bringing new content out in droves this year and I hope you do too!

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Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

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