Weekly Writing Exercise: Food

Hello and happy Wednesday! If you couldn’t guess, the writing prompt this week has to do with food. So why did I choose this topic? Well obviously, it’s to present a challenge to you, my fellow writers.

Just kidding. My wife and I just ate and it was the only thing on my mind. But for real, I believe a writing prompt centered around food this week is a good challenge for all of you to try out.

I mean, think of the various things about food you could write on. There could be the story of how a burger comes to life and attacks an entire city. There’s the classic “Spaghetti Monster in the Sky” trope that EVERYONE knows and loves.

If you’re into poetry, let everyone know just how comforting your favorite ice-cream is after a long day of work. Or maybe the poem can slowly transition into a rap about how Chinese buffets are significantly better than american buffets, don’t @ me on this.

There is always the option of writing some non-fiction as well. Tell your reader about a time some food embarrassed you in front of a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Let us know in extensive detail how your level of spicy is different than what your server’s was.

Just have fun with it! I know food may be an odd topic to write on, but that’s the point. So quit searching for that reason not to write something today and get it done!

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