Weekly Writing Exercise: School

Hello and welcome to that time of the week where I tell you to write stuff! That’s right, it’s the weekly writing prompt. I know, I know, it’s a fan favorite and that’s why I continue to put them out.

So living in a college town and working at a school, one thing I’ve been hearing a lot about lately is how school will be resuming soon. For a lot of people, this seems like a very exciting time, good or bad.

So in honor of school starting back up, I decided to make this week’s writing prompt all about school. As usual, you’re encouraged to write in any format you would like. Whether it’s poetry, non-fiction, or fiction, always make sure to be writing to hone your craft.

Now some of you may be thinking “Ty, I haven’t been in a school for years, how am I going to do this one?” Well that’s a great question reader! If you haven’t been in a school for several years and not sure what its like, do some research.

Yes, I said research. Believe it or not, most of the writing you love involves some sort of research. Whether it’s doing a quick google to check and make sure a scene is written properly, or pouring over books to make sure you’re an expert in the area you’re writing, research is always important.

With that being said, get to writing! If you loved school, write a poem about what it meant for you to attend. If you currently work in a school, write some non-fiction describing what it’s like for the average teacher. If you didn’t enjoy school at all, make up a story showing just how awful it was.

As I do with all these prompts, I insist that at the end of the day just write something. When you’re done, either comment on this post or whatever social media outlet you’ve seen this on, and let me see what you wrote!

Happy writing.

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