So after some time, I am finally back to using my web page! Now for those that don’t follow me on social media, I recently announced that I’ve converted the page to outsource my writing to those that may be in need of a writer for their company.

However, fear not! Although my web page has gone through some design changes and now gives you the option to hire me, I will be getting back to writing original content once again.

Now looking at the top of the page, you may see that there are three categories of writing that you can now choose from. All three will begin having new content once again to be read and enjoyed.

The first is my fiction. One thing I love doing is writing works of science fiction and horror. Although I SHOULD be trying to gain publication with some online magazines, I generally get too excited about what I’m writing and want to share it with the world right away. So that trend will continue in the fiction area.

I’ve also decided to keep the writing prompt section mainly because people seemed to enjoy it. Not only did it help other writers, it also helped keep my craft up to par as well. So if you’re a new writer and needing practice, make sure to check in there.

Finally, the blog portion of my page is the one thing that is going to undergo some changes. As of right now, most of the posts on there are updates on either myself or my book. This is going to change so that I can continue to provide quality entertainment.

Going forward I’m going to begin sharing some of my travels that I’ve done this summer. Some of the posts will share what I did while others will review some of the places I visited. I’m hoping it will help serve as a basic guide for those wishing to visit these places in the future.

The blog section will also have a different format and I will try to stick with a more traditional setup for that writing.

I believe that’s everything that I have for now. Make sure if you’re not following me on social media you click on the icons below! I’m always posting some form of content to my pages and if you’re not subscribed to my page for updates on my latest work, make sure to do that as well!

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Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

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