Update On….ME!

Hey everybody, so I just thought I would just do a quick post today to give an update on me, myself, and I. It will basically cover what I’ve been working on and why there haven’t been as many posts as I usually do.

So to start things off, I would like to let everyone know that if you have the time and energy, I will be doing a book signing of A Monstrous Tomorrow in Peru, Illinois. Details are listed on my Facebook page. The event will run from 1-3:30 with yours truly doing a reading from the book (which story is still being determined) along with a Q&A session after. There will be a limited quantity of books for sale and will run $10 a piece. Please bring cash or make sure to try and get your copy of the book through Amazon ASAP.

Next order of business is the sequel to A Monstrous Tomorrow, or as it its known on this blog, A Book Has No Name. As it stands, I’ve only written one chapter since the last time I gave any information on the book. As a reminder, it will be a full length novel and not a collection of short stories this time around. It will feature one of the characters from A Monstrous Tomorrow, so if you’re interested in the second book of The Forsaken World Chronicles, I highly recommend reading A Monstrous Tomorrow.

Besides the book, there are two other projects I’m working on. One is entirely under wraps but let me just say, when it’s done, everyone will fall in love with it. The other is of course, Pantheon Productions. We have backtracked a bit and began filming short creative pieces again and look forward to getting those out to the public soon. In the meantime, I am continuing to try and strive towards making our three fiction towns feel as real as possible.

I believe that is it for now. As it stands, my focus over the past two weeks was first vacation and now my book signing. After this weekend, my focus will return to solely the blog and only my writing projects.

Make sure to come back tomorrow because I can guarantee there will be a new fiction piece up for everyone to enjoy!

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Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Update On….ME!”

  1. Hi Ty,

    Great interview piece you did with G.J. Stevens.
    I think he did a great job of networking with fellow writers in the process. I wish the best success to you and your work. You seem to be getting your publication and marketing together very well. Keep it up.

    I am a sci-fi writer/blogger/ podcaster too. If you ever want to do a book exchange and give each other a review for our sites, let me know. We are big about networking and connecting other creative people.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Check out our podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/7N0UFHJRTQLEYlAyZc5StU?si=ngtbSNu8Ta2HJhv5CfMfjw

    And our blog: https://godamonggeeks316.com/


      1. Well, I can share with you via email what our creative team does and our ideas to put good quality content out there. We have a podcast called Neekology on Spotify. You kind of get one area we try to connect we the fandom.
        If you want to talk more you can send me an email with your contact info to:
        Thank you,



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