Weekly Writing Exercise: The Room

Hello everyone! Welcome to what I’m tentatively calling the “Weekly Writing Exercise.” Since I’ve wandered into this wonderful world of being an indie author and a blogger, I have found that it has been a blast to talk to people about writing and the steps that I take in order to prepare for writing something new and original.

Which trust me, it’s painstakingly hard and complicated and not always easy to teach.

However, one thing that is very easy to teach is the simple idea that the best writers get great by writing everyday. Now for some, that’s constantly working on their next book. For others, they write short stories to sell as well. Or if you’re like me, you blog about about writing, discuss writing on social media platforms, and try to share as much creative new content as possible.

Regardless of what your take on writing is, it is important to make sure that you ARE writing everyday. So this is where the challenge lies. What do you write about? Well whatever you do, don’t fret, that is what I’m here for. Each week I will post an easy prompt to work on. Something to just help get the creative juices flowing and to practice your writing skills. Remember what they say: Practice makes perfect.

So this week’s writing prompt will is quite simple. Describe the area you write in. Tell me about the room you’re currently in. Are you lying on your bed writing or are you at a desk? What is in the room with you? What is nearby? Focus on simply putting me in the room with you. Don’t leave any detail out. By the end of your writing, your reader SHOULD be able to feel like they’re sitting or standing next to you in the room.

Now the final part of this. What to do with this prompt once you write it? Well that’s easy: share it. Show it to a family member or a friend. Share it on your social media pages and show off. Hell, post it in the comments anywhere you may read this post. I’d be happy to read it and tell you what I think. Also, don’t worry. I will also be doing this same prompt and showing what I created tomorrow. Until then get to work and remember, to get better all you have to do is one thing…

Just write.

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Professional writer and blogger. Author of the book A Monstrous Tomorrow.

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